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Shift the Country has the audacious, achievable idea that we can collectively change our country’s trajectory.  We need a big pivot – for the 2024 election, and so we can better handle our formidable future after the 2024 election.

Together we can catalyze widespread public pressure to move the US toward healthier democracy and away from far-right extremism.  We can reach and energize Americans with action and civic engagement to get people talking, making change, making news, and voting.

We do this by combining these 5 Things:

We can get government, institutions, infrastructure, and our economy to better serve all the people of this multi-racial, multi-ethnic democracy – so let’s make that happen. We can demand and create more agile, adaptable, resilient, sustainable, inclusive, and equitable systems so we all have greater chances to survive, prosper, flourish, and thrive in this time of great challenges to the planet, to humanity, and to the US. Together we can grow a coalition of Democrats, independents, and others to leverage the power of the US majority. Together we can empower Americans to vote in overwhelming majorities to overcome structures that protect minority party power so that our democracy works better for the actual majority of us. Together we can be courageous and take creative action to shift the zeitgeist, the conscience, the character, and the reality of this country.

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We’re actively fundraising as we’re a very new nonprofit. All of our funding so far comes from individual small donors. You can help:

This Shift Is Unique

Shift the Country is a very unique 501(c)(4) nonprofit founded in 2022. Shift the Country is based in the rural US with unique perspective and expertise that can help catalyze voter engagement from the “flyover states” when that may be pivotal, like in 2024. Here’s the “About” page, more on where this shift came from here, and more on what this shift does.

7 Key ways this approach helps Americans make change in the US:

  1. Help a coalition of the majority grow and strengthen that coalition – and co-create a shared, common vision and direction for this country at every level so we can go about building a better future;

  2. Counter domestic violent extremism (DVE) with the 5 Things approach that can help re-weave the social fabric, and help groups and individuals champion the values, vision, and civil society that the majority of Americans and businesses want;

  3. Counter the domestic authoritarian movement in an array of similar ways including with the 5 Things; and by helping to coalesce and bring together a coalition opposition to extremism, authoritarianism, political violence, and fascism;

  4. Help people and groups that make up the coalition of the demographic majority to get attention, to bring new pressure, and to drive the narrative at every level;

  5. Help people and groups collectively navigate and help each other through the intensity and chaos that comes from the combination of all of these things at every level;

  6. Help people and groups drive change and transformation from within the intensity and chaos from the combination of all of these things at every level; and

  7. Create an operational framework through Thing 1 & Thing 2 (including re-weaving the social fabric) that people and groups can use together to mitigate the climate crisis at every level and to deal with the increasing frequency and intensity of disasters at every level.

No artificial intelligence (AI) has been used in any Shift the Country Substack material.

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We're energizing the American majority with action & civic engagement that gets people talking, voting, & making change to catalyze widespread public pressure, to shift the zeitgeist, & to change where we're headed.


Founder at Shift the Country. Energizing voters in innovative ways to chart a different future. Catalyst, coalition-builder, systems thinker, problem-solver, & visionary with a background in homeland security, big disasters, wildfire, & resilience.